Profile moderation on Drupal

Drupal profile moderation

Profile moderation on Drupal

Do you need to take control of users profiles on a Drupal site? Try the Profile2 Moderations module.

For content moderation in Drupal we have it easy, since we have revisioning built into the Drupal core. But what if you need to moderate users profile information? 

A typical use could be that profile data is to be shown to other users, and an admin might need to go through changes to verify them.

For complex user profiles in Drupal the module of choice is Profile2, and you can now do your moderation to these profiles using the Profile Moderation module (made by Frontkom).

Set up

First of all you need to install/enable the Profile2 module. Unfortunely this module still misses a revision mechanism (like we see on nodes/content) but don't worry, there's a patch for it!

The Drupal community is working hard to implement revisions on the Profile module and already published a patch to make this possible.

To apply the patch you can check here to know more details on how to. Basically just download the patch and then on your terminal go to Profile2 module location (usually sites/all/modules/profile2/) and then run the following command:

$ patch -p1 < [download_dir]/profile2-revisions-1043128-55.patch


There. Now user profiles supports revisions.

Next, just install/enable the latest version of Profile 2 Moderation module. And at admin/people you will see a new tab "Profiles Moderation". This is where you moderate the profiles.


But first you need to enable moderation on the profile types you want to moderate.



Now, every time a user changes his profile, the revisions will pop up on Profile Moderation list waiting to be moderated.



By default, administrators have the permission to moderate profiles but you can change the permissions settings at admin/people/permissions (look for Profile Moderation).



And that's it. Pretty simple, uh?

Just one final note: As I said, the profile revisions and this module are still under heavy development. Already reached some stability but it still has some things missing like image/file field support and probably some other stuff. So, are you a developer? Then come and join us. Drupal community is made of really cool people :).