Website review with Screaming Frog

Website review with Screaming Frog

Why should you use a great tool like Screaming Frog SEO Spider?

Why we use it

Whether you have an existing website, or are about to launch a brand new one, you want to make sure there are no broken links or no unnecessary redirects. And of course you want to make sure the meta titles and descriptions follow SEO best practices, and that a search engine can crawl your site optimally.

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With this tool you can review all of these things and more. Just download and install it, and out of the box you can just enter your site's URL and get results.

Note that without the licence (£99 per year) there is a limit of 500 items crawled and some settings are unavailable. But the free version gives you a great insight, so try that first!

When we use it

  • Before launching a new site
  • On periodical review of existing sites
  • When creating SEO status reports for clients
  • On QA process for fixes where URL aliases, meta data and redirects can be affected

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Other interesting features

  • Connect to Google Analytics to get data for all pages directly in report
  • Create XML sitemap for your site based on crawl
  • Preview how meta data will look in Google search results
  • Export reports to CSV for later analysis and comparison

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Now: Go and have fun with it, and improve your site!

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement article, we just think it's a great tool!

Screaming Frog website: [ External link ]

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